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Mia Underwood

Moondog Sends His Love

Moondog Sends His Love

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By Mia Underwood

60 x 60cm

Acrylic and oil paint on an antique whiskey barrel lid.

Mia has lovingly prepared the whiskey barrel lid to paint on, it has been in use over a long period of time, giving the aged wood a lovely distressed texture.

" My latest paintings I have created whilst listening to MoonDog. His symphonies have a soothing effect on me, helping me reconnect with a serene and centered state of mind. One particular piece that resonates with me is 'Bird's Lament,' a heartfelt tribute to the jazz legend Charlie Parker, affectionately known as 'Bird.'

The wine barrel lid, which I meticulously restored with great care, began to resemble a moon with its unique craters. It seemed to beckon for Moondog."


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